Since recent travel has been put on hold I have been thinking of the wonderful trips we previously enjoyed and thought of our trips to the beautiful island of Curaçao. As one of the ABC Dutch Caribbean Islands (Aruba and Bonaire) it is located just off the north shore of South America.

Beautiful beaches

We stayed at the Marriott Beach Resort on all 5 visits. On our last trip we were told the hotel would close for renovations so I checked on Trip Advisor and see it has reopened.

Marriott Beach Resort

So why Curaçao and why 5 times? Curaçao is quieter than Aruba, has lovely beaches with access to snorkeling, diving, waterskiing, swimming and hunting for crabs with flashlights at night, a beautiful town with a floating market full of vendors from South America as well as a fun shopping district in Willemstad with all kinds of hand-made items, souvenirs, restaurants, and the famous Queen Emma floating pontoon bridge that lights up at night. It connects Punda and Otrobanda quarters in the capital city.

Queen Emma Bridge

Two of my most memorable experiences makes travel our favorite way to enjoy life. The first experience happened just down the way from the Marriott while we were having dinner at a restaurant with seating on the beach. We were mesmerized when the ocean suddenly started to light up and the light kept coming toward the shore. The closer it got the more the lights looked like orbs. We held our breath and couldn’t imagine what was happening and then divers slowly emerged out of the water. It was a surreal way to find out there is such a thing as night dives.

The second experience was shopping the floating market with my husband. He was finding many fruits he had grown up enjoying in Cuba and hadn’t seen in quite a few years. Mamoncillo fruit also known as Spanish lime was his most treasured find but we also got mangos, papaya, and tiny bananas. The joy on Joe’s face when he was telling our daughters about how as a child he could find these fruits while he was out riding his bike with friends was priceless.

Mamoncillo fruit

More on Curaçao later.