Riga, the capital of Latvia was  founded in 1201. It is nicknamed “Paris of the Baltic” because of its buildings of remarkable Gothic, Baroque, Classicism, and Art Nouveau architecture. 

Our walking tour of Riga still has my head spinning. Our guide had so much information and was so entertaining that it was a memorable day….for fun…not retaining facts. Anyway, the city a is a mix of very old and very new with lots of restoration taking place. We passed in and out of the medieval city several times through gateways of the original fortified wall.

Our first stop was in the plaza where the first Christmas tree is said to have been decorated. It is marked by a medallion. The plaza is surrounded by churches and buildings that once held Guilds.

As we walked Old Town our guide told us many interesting stories, such as why this cat is facing a certain direction…or should I say the cat’s tail is facing a certain direction to prove a point the builder wanted to make. We also saw many statutes around the cobblestone streets that gave you good luck or granted you a wish if you rub it. I get 2 wishes granted but couldn’t reach the top animal on the Brahman statue for good luck!

I found this grasshopper doorway fascinating but Joe liked the other doorway for some reason.

This was one of the best tours we took! The city is spectacular.