After spending yesterday at sea, we were ready to explore our next stop, Klaipeda, Lithuania  which included a side trip to Palanga the home of Palanga Amber Museum. Amber is very important here and is considered the gold of the Baltic.   

The former estate of Count Feliksas Tiškevičius houses the museum. You reach it by walking through a lovely Botanical Park that serves as a grand entrance. There is a statue of a young girl with a snake that represents the legend of how amber became the “gold” of the Baltic. There are many duck-filled ponds with quaint bridges and is just a beautiful area in general.

The basement floor houses an archeological display of over 5,000 pieces of amber with an explanation of how each type is formed and what if anything was preserved inside of each piece. Magnifying glasses revealed flies, grasshoppers, beetles, tree needles and many more items perfectly preserved in amber. Jewelry and decorative items were also displayed.


The first floor is decorated with replicas of furnishings that aristocratics of the late 18th century with have in their homes. All but this one item, a container of some type, had been sold or removed from the home over time. The tapestry above features this container so it must have been important.

We were able to walk in the town area and have a strong cup of coffee at a local establishment and browse through the local market on the plaza.

We returned to Klaipeda and enjoyed a stroll through the charming town and discovered artwork such as this chess set scattered throughout the cobblestone streets.