Blue skies, warm temperature, and a slight breeze greeted us on our first visit ever to Greenfield Village on opening day!  

Springtime in Greenfield Village means being on the lookout for baby animals…lambs in particular. We were not disappointed! Our first stop was at the Firestone Farm and shaggy sheep greeted us like old friends. They were probably looking for a snack but we had nothing. They followed us anyway and came right up to the fence where Joe was brave enough to pet this one. Definitely need to wash hands before lunch!

Firestone Farm has a cooking demonstration in the morning so we followed the savory scent of dinner being prepared in the farmhouse the same way it would have been in 1885. 

Still on the hunt for lambs, we crossed the barnyard and of course a chicken caught my eye.  They are all over but I like the spotted kind. The spotted kind with an attitude!

Next up is the maternity center. Under the barn is a cool, quiet, darkened sanctuary for the mothers-to-be, new mothers, and yes, the  precious lambs!  The poor lighting was not conducive to great photos but I wasn’t about to disturb them with a flash so…they aren’t the best shots but if you look hard you can see the babies.

The mother just nudged this one to stand up and its sibling is still laying down.

If you look closely you can see a lamb nursing.

Further down the lineup was this young calf. He also was looking for food and was not thrilled to find out we were empty handed.

Our next stop was lunch. We went to Taste of History for my go-to lunch–the railroad sandwich. My grandfather worked on the railroad so it’s in my blood. We noticed a sign done in the Corn Palace Motif as we waited for our order to be taken. Also, you know a place has good food when the squirrels are trying to break in!

After lunch we walked along the Swanee Pond and then took part in a sing along at the Stephen Foster House. Well, we listened to Stephen Foster play the piano and sing. No one else was singing either but Stephen was terrific.

We walked to our favorite house, the Daggett Farm, and got to see the dinner being prepared. The history of the farm was fascinating as well.

I spotted this as we walked. Drain covers have always fascinated me for some unknown reason. The covered bridge is always fun to walk across. Watch out for bikes and horse drawn carriages.

The beauty of having a season pass to the Henry Ford and Greenfield Village is that we can enjoy it for a whole day or just a couple hours at a time. We decided to go today on a whim rather than a planned-ahead trip. We arrived at 11:00 and were leaving at  1:00 pm. We passed many people just arriving.  I’m looking forward to returning soon. Opening Day was a win!