I have been thinking about my week  in Marquette and how lucky I was to enjoy such warm, sunny  weather in November. Before leaving the weather changed quickly as is often the case and I’m going to illustrate its effect on Lake Superior. I actually got to see something I have seen in Lima, Peru and California but never on Lake Superior…surfers and windsurfers! What a site to see. 

Before I show you that, I want to give another travel tip that I am embarrassed an experienced traveler would make. Thank goodness I wasn’t out of the country! Anyway, here is my tip. When you are flying out of a smaller airport such as Escanaba, Michigan the security people ask you if there is any food in your carry-on bag. I took the granola bar and package of crackers out of my purse and confidently pushed everything through the X-ray machine. I walked through the scanner with no problem and waited quite a long time for my bag. Well, my suitcase was removed from the belt and  before I knew it a security officer was opening it and warning me not to touch anything in it. Out came my neatly rolled clothes AND my 4 pounds of candy from Donckers Candy store in Marquette. Candy is food! Put it on the belt separately. It didn’t help that I had also stuffed a pair of shoes with the 2 bars of homemade soap and 2 beeswax candles that I have gotten at the Farmers Market on Saturday. What was I thinking! I do credit the security people with doing a thorough job. I  had to repack my bag on another bench because 2 more people behind me were getting their bags searched as well. Wonder if they went to Donckers or the Farmers  Market too! 

Back to the wonders of nature. This was so fun to witness.

Breakwall with calm waters one day and breaking waves the next.

Again calm waters one day and surfing waves the next!

I have mentioned in past posts to talk to fellow travelers. I took my own advice one afternoon as I took my daily lakeshore walk. I noticed this couple snapping tons of photos and asked them if they wanted me to take a photo of the two of them in front of the lake. Of course they said yes and thanked me. It turns out that they were visiting from England. I said how much we enjoyed visiting Stonehenge and Bath several years ago. They admitted  they had never been to either place. I laughed and said we had just returned from our trip out West where we had seen many important American sites for our first time and they had been packed with foreign travelers! 

Happy travels and remember candy is food!