I was able to visit some of my favorite Marquette gems yesterday. The weather was unbelievable for November 5th! It was in the 60’s and sunny so my sister, her granddaughter and I headed to the Saturday Farmers Market at the Commons Area on Third Street by downtown. It was an abbreviated size because it is November but we found almost everything on our list: carrots, cabbage, lettuce, acorn squash, pumpkin cookies, beeswax candles, and handmade soap. Paige even had a fruit smoothie made in a blender powered by bicycle.

There is a bike repair station along the bike path by the market. It was in use when we drove up.

After lunch we headed to Donckers Candy store for some candy and then took a drive to Presque Isle Park. You can drive around the beautiful lakeside park or you can walk or bike. You may see a deer if you are lucky. We stopped at the Breakwall first. People walk on it if the waves are not breaking. You can see the NMU’s Superior Dome from here and the North Ore Dock. I missed the freighter that was docked but you can see the railroad cars on top!

Shortly after you enter the loop around the park you see this monument to Chief Kawbagam. Someone had placed feathers in front of it to honor him.

You continue along a canopy covered forest area. We pulled off at Black Rocks where brave souls jump into Lake Superior. It is higher than it looks in the photo.  If you have ever seen the Michigan based show, Under the Radar, the host jumped when they came to Marquette. Someone was in the water when I took these photos but I missed him or her.

Further along you see Sunset Point which is aptly named and a calmer water area where Joe and many others like to kayak. There is a pavilion and an ice cream store to top things off”

We also drove into Tourist Park where there is a camping site, ball field, swimming area and picnic areas. The Hiawatha Music Festival takes place here each summer. We rented a section for our family reunion a couple of years ago.

There is a lot to see and do in the Marquette area. This just scratches the surface.