Can you really ever go home again? Well, yes and no. Marquette has been changing quite a bit since I moved away many years ago. I saw this first hand on a recent drive around town on a rainy afternoon. Here is a just a taste of Marquette’s evolution.

The Orphanage is being renovated into apartments.

 A new hospital is being built.

The Public Works building is being moved from the new hospital site to this site in North Marquette.

A new hotel is on the old Bunny Bread site.

A new park is on Lake Shore Blvd.

A Bed and Breakfast was built along Lake Shore Blvd.

Condos are being built along Lake Shore Blvd. as was a Hampton Inn and ground has recently been broken for a multi-use facility.

This power plant will be closing.

Condos border Mattson Park.

Northern Michigan University has a new Wildcat logo and many new buildings.

There are numerous other changes… makes my head spin!  Think I will visit some old haunts tomorrow!