Lonely Planet recently named the U.P. Of Michigan one of their top 10 best-in-value destinations for 2017. Here I am in Marquette this week so I decided to share some of its current attractions and some probably historically inaccurate memories of growing up here. In other words, how I remember it used to be but I have a sketchy memory! 

First though, I have a little travel tip. I flew from Detroit Metro airport into Escanaba rather than Marquette this trip with 10 other passengers.  It cost just under $200 round-trip. Flying into Marquette cost just under $400 round-trip. You can rent a car there if you want to explore the U.P or if you are lucky like me you know people!  My brother makes the hour and a half drive to pick me up and drive me back. Thank you, Jim! We get to visit and the scenery is pretty awesome. 

Marquette is located on the southern shore of Lake Superior.

Today I went for a walk on the paved pathway along Shoreline Drive. This used to be where a railroad ran. As a child, when I took this walk it was on railroad tracks not the paved path that I walked today. Mattson Park was an industrial site, not a beautiful park. We collected iron ore pellets for who knows what reason instead of breathtaking photos. As you will see, today it is a lovely lakeshore park that has views to die for, a playscape for children, areas to sit and reflect, a bike and walking path, an ice cream/snack shop, access for fishing and boating, and room for dogs to run. In the summer there are all kinds of festivals, an art show, and our favorite Fourth of July Fireworks Display. What’s not to love!

What is left of an ore dock that ran over Front Street.

The Marina is empty now because the water will freeze over during the winter months.

I walked for about 2 and a half miles in a loop around Mattson Park and along Lake Superior to the Coast Guard Station. We used to walk on the Breakwall that juts into the lake from here. I’m not sure if people still have access to walking on the Breakwall since the Coast Guard built their current facility, but it is certainly worth a try! More about Marquette is in the works so stay tuned.