Cider Mill in the fall means one place for us–Blake’s!  We have been going to Blake’s Cider Mill at 17985 Armada Center Road, Armada, Michigan for the past 30 years and have a ton of wonderful memories. Riding the little train to the orchard to pick berries and apples was a favorite. Eating grilled corn on the cob by the earful was a favorite. Getting lost in the corn maze was a favorite. Eating freshly made donuts, caramel apples, and drinking cider was a favorite. Ok, you get the picture. We love Blake’s.

 Over the years it has steadily gotten bigger and busier. Last year we went on a Sunday along with hundreds of other folks. It was still fun but the lines were long and the parking at a premium. This year we decided to try to beat the crowds and go on a spectacular Monday morning a couple weeks ago. Although we spotted several school busses in the parking lot as we pulled up, the parts we visited were actually much quieter than we expected. Since we arrived at lunch time we started out with a hot dog, chips, and cider. We ate outdoors at the picnic tables and had a few wasps join us but nothing terrible. Then we walked around the grounds and saw the new shop and restaurant in an adjacent building. We had already eaten so didn’t even check out the menu. Sorry. 

We walked over to the area that all the school children were enjoying. The Halloween decorations were great and the children were having fun in the play area. We saw a couple goats but didn’t venture too far into the kid’s area. 

We returned to the first building to buy the apples, a small pumpkin and the ugly squash we always buy here. Then we got a half gallon of the most delicious cider and a half dozen plain donuts to go.

Blake’s is always a fun outing and the drive there is quite spectacular when the leaves are changing colors. Expect to drop a few bucks because it is hard to pass up the treats. Check out their  website before you go. There are actually a couple of Blake’s locations with different venues so although the one at the address I gave is our favorite you may like the other.