The Guardian Building is located in the Financial District of Detroit, Michigan. It has been designated a National Historic Landmark. I read on Facebook that tours were scheduled for today by Pure Detroit. Joe said he had never been in that building but would love to see it so off we went. Traffic into the city was light since it was Saturday morning. We found parking in a structure right across the street. I had read that there was an 11:00 and 12:00 tour but I read it wrong. The tour was from 11:00 until 12:00. We were late for the tour but joined in for half of it.  We probably missed most of the historical significance of the building but you can google that. We were there to see the Art Deco architecture and the Aztec designs throughout the building. We were not disappointed. We also got to see Detroit from the 32nd floor and today the view was picture perfect.

Exterior on a very sunny day. Couldn’t get rid of the shadows!

We joined the tour group just in time to take an elevator to the 32nd floor. This room was beautiful. I think the tour guide said it was a cafeteria at one time.  The views were incredible.

These photos are of the ground floor which was a bank and still is. The ceiling was designed to keep banking conversations private. The blue windows are not original but were added later to temper sun exposure. 

The lobby area was built to impress from ceiling to floor. I wouldn’t mind going back for the full tour of the Guardian building. From here we walked to Greektown for a late breakfast at Plako Restaurant. Next stop was right across the street, Greektown Casino. After each of us gambled $5.00 and only one of us came out ahead we took the People Mover back to the parking structure. We made one last stop at a bookstore so Joe could buy some books with a gift certificate. Didn’t he find books about artwork we experienced in Sante Fe! Another successful close-to-home trip.