Fifteen hours on the road yesterday and we are home! What a shock to wake up and not have a cup of coffee waiting for me from the breakfast area courtesy of my early bird husband. 

Breakfast turned into another interesting fellow traveler moment. No tables were available so we stood around for a while. Eventually a lady sitting alone at a table invited us to join her. She was from South Dakota and on a girls antiquing weekend. We told her about our trip and she said she and her husband had planned to do something similar but he got sick and she had health issues as well. It made us feel very fortunate to be able to do this. 

We were on our way by 8:00 with blue skies and the end of our trip in sight.  It was a long haul home but we decided not to stop at a hotel along the way. I did lobby for a night in Chicago but after spending so much time in semi-solitude, that did not sound appealing to Joe…no matter how many times I suggested it! Nebraska had the beautiful farm lands. Lots of cows and corn fields surrounded the highway. We did pass by Omaha but I could only get a shot of this interesting building

I drove in Iowa so Joe took a couple photos of the landscape there. One area was a mini badlands so he caught a shot of a Mesa-like area. How spectacular is that sky!

We caught a glimpse of the Mississippi River as we left Iowa and entered Illinois.Did I mention we did not get close to Chicago. We did get to see the endless line of traffic traveling back to Chicago from a fun weekend elsewhere. It’s hard to believe that three weeks ago we were stuck in that traffic on day one of our trip.

We arrived back in Michigan after dark. It was nice to be on familiar ground but the going was rough with all of the roadwork. By the time we reached our house it was midnight, exactly! Nice time to end a wonderful adventure. 

After having traveled to Europe, India, and Peru, we cannot believe the treasures that we discovered in our own backyard, the U.S.A. This trip will be at the top of our most memorable adventures. Oh, we are already planning to go back to Utah and Colorado to see areas not included in this trip! Can’t wait for Road Trip Part 2.