Well folks, all good things must come to an end and that is what happened with our “no problems” trip today. But I am getting ahead of myself. 

After the torrential rain in Santa Fe last night that kept us in our hotel room with a scrounged up dinner of oatmeal and yogurt we woke to sunshine and blue skies. The ride north in New Mexico was a lovely pastural view of cows, horses, and deer. I drove the stretch into Colorado where we stopped at the Welcome Center and met Lee. He was manning the post and gave us a compelling argument for moving to Colorado. He also looked over and approved the route our son-in-law, Aaron,  mapped out for us to enjoy beautiful Colorado. When we left Joe decided it was his turn to drive so back onto I25 we went.

All was smooth until we heard a loud thump. We looked at each other and wondered what had happened. We couldn’t see anything on the road behind us so we thought all was ok. Then the indicator came on for low tire pressure on the right rear tire. Joe eased onto the narrow shoulder and sure enough we had a flat tire. A flat tire on a stretch of high wind advisory area at the base of a dip in the road. If that doesn’t scream Safety 3rd I don’t know what does.  So as 50 cars passed us, Joe changed the tire. I helped unload the trunk by putting as much in the back seat as possible and weighing down everything that could blow away. I assisted by holding the bolts so they wouldn’t roll away but I did take time to photograph the event.

We’re wind blown but happy to be on our way to find a tire in Pueblo, Colorado. Sadly that turned into a quest. We stopped at 3 tire places which couldn’t get a tire until tomorrow. Even the Chevy dealership did not have the tire we needed in stock. So just down the way we saw a Discount Tire shop and that place was hopping. After checking and not having that tire in stock, the mechanic said he could put on two slightly larger rear tires and we could be on our way. (By the way, he told us Discount Tires originated in Ann Arbor , Michigan.)  We agreed to that option. So we had the flat at noon and by 4:00 we started on our way again. We discussed cutting the scenic route from our trip but we have no time table with being retired so scenic route it is!

On the way to Salida we saw this beautiful scenery. The route is curvy so we did pull over for a couple photos. 

So I had another bear encounter in the hotel lobby in Salida, Colorado .  This one was a little smaller than my last encounter.

I guess my travel advice today is to be prepared.  Joe took the time before we left to check the spare tire and how to access the tools needed to change a tire. The car has never had a flat before so he familiarized himself just in case and we are thankful he did.