We left New Mexico and its 90 degree temperature yesterday morning and this morning in Colorado the temperature was a balmy 34 degrees. Looking out the hotel window we could see snow on the mountains.  

We intended to follow a beautiful route through the mountains, which we did. Only we did an abbreviated version. Even with our great map reading skills we managed to go east at one point in our journey rather than west. Remember when I said ask your fellow travelers if you have a question. Joe did this at one of our stops. The man turned out to be from Puerto Rico so as they conversed in Spanish I went for a photo shoot.

This is where we found out that we went east instead of west so our route got changed but it was still stunning. And, we now have another reason to visit Colorado again. Here is Pikes Peak.

We passed by Denver. Too much traffic after the places we have been this trip. Our route took us up I25 and into Wyoming for a short stretch. Then we drove quite a distance in Nebraska before calling it a night in Grand Island, Nebraska.


Mile High Stadium

Driving in Nebraska felt so calm and straight after all that mountain driving. I wasn’t quick enough to take a picture of the llamas just inside Nebraska. I did get a buffalo on a hilltop!

As we end our journey tomorrow, we are thankful for this truly amazing country. I cannot stress how much we have enjoyed visiting parts of our country we have only read about or have seen on t.v. or in the movies. Tomorrow I am going to reflect on what made this trip so fun and what would have made it better if that is at all possible.