We must be getting pretty close to the end of this fantastic voyage because we already did our exploring of Santa Fe and are repacking our backpacks with colder weather gear and it is only 2pm. I’m going to the pool when I finish this so don’t feel too sorry for us!

 This morning we headed out to city center Santa Fe and we were not disappointed by the plaza, museums, coffee shops, street musicians, and eateries. Travel tip…look for a parking lot or parking structure. They are pricy but not as pricy as the parking meters. A quarter will get you a whole 8 minutes when you feed the meter. 

Our first stop was at the Georgia O’Keefe Museum. I know little about her so we watched the short film and then enjoyed walking around the museum. You could use your phone for a self guided tour if unlike us you thought to bring earbuds. Photography was prohibited inside and I had to wear my backpack in front of me, which seemed weird. Guess it was so I wouldn’t bump anyone into a painting.

Then we walked around the shopping area. They even had a Shinola store. My plug for the big D.

Cathedral Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi came next. What a beautiful church. They had a book for people who need prayers so I put my mom’s name in it.

Time for lunch and Santa Fe screams French so we stopped for crepes at The French Pastry Shop. For the first time ever I had a savory crepe..spinach & cheese. Delicious! The rooster at the entrance just spoke to me.

Museum of Contemporary Native Arts was a good after lunch idea. The exhibit of Rick Bartow works is well worth seeing.

We did some shopping and bought some great items at the plaza area. It was just what we expected to find in Santa Fe. 

Oh, and had we not filled up on crepes we definitely would have stopped here!