Today we traveled to Chaco Canyon, known as Chaco Culture National Historical Park. This was Joe’s most important destination on this trip. When we woke up to rain in Bloomfield, New Mexico we were crushed because Chaco is only 60 miles away. The forecast called for possible showers of less than 20% so we decided to take our chances. I will explain “chances” later.

The ride was beautiful again. Mountains in the horizon that just become gigantic as we got closer. The colors of the rock were incredible. My mountain photos came out fuzzy but this was also a fantastic sight.

As I mentioned we took a chance on going into the canyon with rain a possibility because the paved road rather quickly turns into a gravel road that eventually turns into a clay road. And it needs some major pothole work! In rain it would not have been passable. If you have ever ridden in a Camaro you can imagine how smooth the ride was not! Anyway it took 45 minutes to navigate the gravel and clay roads. Joe did great but he wouldn’t let me drive. Of course I wouldn’t have gotten to take these great shots.

Clay Road

Eat more chik’n.

Chaco Canyon

We arrived just in time to take a tour of the Una Vida site.  Ranger Kathy did an outstanding job explaining why the canyon was chosen for such a large settlement. We took a trail that lead us around the great house and then we took a challenging climb to see the petroglyphs on the cliff behind it! This was very exciting stuff.

After the tour we wandered around to many of the sites that were not too far from the main loop. There are several long hiking trails that take  you to sites farther away from the main area. It did rain off and on so we weren’t up for any long treks.

It was a fascinating day. We felt extremely lucky that the rain did not keep us from this unforgettable experience of Chaco Canyon culture. 

A couple other random things happened today that make us wonder. Yesterday, Joe bought a silver ring from a Navaho woman who had made it. He wore it the rest of the day and when he got ready for bed he noticed it was gone. Somehow he had lost it. He searched everywhere he had gone and asked the front desk worker if someone had found it to no avail. Cut to this afternoon after Chaco when we stopped for gas. A Navaho woman approached us selling jewelry for her daughter. Didn’t she have just the ring that could replace the lost one! Then a short time later Joe got to visit Cuba!!! Well, Cuba, New Mexico. Are there really coincidences?