We had coffee on our balcony overlooking Lake Havasu this morning. We actual got up super early so we left by 8:00 with me at the wheel. It was easy driving and Joe could enjoy the view.  Well, it was easy until every trucker in the area decided to work on Saturday. When one truck decided to pass another, things slowed down enough for me to enjoy the scenery also. Sorry, but I don’t take photos while driving so believe me when I say the desert changed into grass and trees as we climbed in altitude. The temperature cooled down as well. Those 90 temps from Lake Havasu disappeared rather quickly. We made a stop to get gas and just fell into a historically cool  place. It was the original beginning of Route 66. 

Around 1:00 we arrived in the Grand Canyon area and decided to stay here for the night rather than trying to make it to Flagstaff. It turned out to be a good decision because we could stay in the park later. We saw amazing views of the canyon just steps away from the visitor center. The colors, the height and depth,  the shapes of the rocks were almost too much to comprehend. We just sat and looked for a long while. We did take lots of photos. In fact Joe took lots of photos for other tourists as well. 

We also stopped at the Tusayan Pueblo Ruins. It is thought that they date back to A.D. 1185.  They show an outline of the buildings in a small settlement.

Every lookout we stopped at had a spectacular view of the Grand Canyon. As the sun was setting the shadows gave a different perspective. We stayed for the sunset at Desert View point. The sky stayed pinkish orange for the longest time.  

We ended up driving back in the dusk and then dark. As we came to the turn towards the exit, we were surprised to see a family of elk crossing the road. They were magestic. A buck passed right in front of us at the stop sign and a doe passed right behind our car. What an ending to a perfect day.