It was hard not to go back to see the Pacific Ocean this morning but we wanted to arrive in Lake Havasu, Arizona in plenty of time to visit with our friend, Faye. So instead of a blue water fix we opted for more freeway driving.  Fun. Thank goodness for that Google Maps app! I could relay the directions much easier by just repeating what the app told us to do. I especially like how it tells you which direction you will be turning next. Anyway, it was traffic, traffic, traffic for too long. This view was out the driver’s side of our moving vehicle as we left the city.

We left Huntington Beach at 9 and by 11 we were in the desert. We didn’t see any houses or buildings but we did see hundreds of windmills. It was mind boggling to see row after row on either side of the road and then look up on the mountains and see more at the top of them. Those white sticklike things on the mountain behind Joe are windmills! 

In the Colorado Desert in California the car thermometer read 95, 96, 100! All around us was endless sand, rocks, hills, and brush. One of the roads was like a roller coaster ride with all the dips and rises. I got a little car sick for the first time on this trip. In one little area we did come upon a palm tree farm. It looked so out of place among the sandy areas. We saw a couple of desert land-for-sale signs but didn’t even consider making a purchase.

Word of advice, stop when you see a service area because they are few and far between. We were thankful when we reached this service stop.

We arrived in Lake Havasu around 3:30 pm and I called our friend, Faye, to arrange a time and place to meet. We had a great time catching up with each other’s lives. She treated us to a wonderful Mexican meal at Javelina Cantina. Thank you! We ate on their patio that overlooks London Bridge. Yes, there is an actual London Bridge in Lake Havasu. It originally was built over the Thames in London in the 1830’s. I haven’t researched why it was dis-assembled and moved brick by numbered brick to Lake Havasu in 1970 but plan to find out. So we sat by the London Bridge, ate a delicious meal with great company and watched a full moon rise over us. Life is truly amazing!