This morning we headed south from Fresno to  Huntington Beach, Orange County. The countryside was full of orchards. We also saw grape vines in another area and saw a sign saying Raisin Capital of the World. And of course we saw palm trees! Quite a change from Yosemite.

Pretty soon we came to the Sierra Madre Mountains. They appeared to be a lot drier than the Sierra Nevada Mountains and Smokey’s signs said the wildfire danger was extreme. We saw what looked like smoke in the distance but were happy to find out it was only dust blowing from the fields.

At the top was a beautiful lake. We only caught a glimpse but it looked very pretty.

Soon we were in the thick of heavy traffic. After driving in desolate areas and in the mountains this past week it felt strange to be in a traffic jam. I was looking for the Hollywood sign but didn’t pass it. We did see the Los Angeles skyline.

After having a lovely visit with Joe’s aunt we drove to the Pier at Huntington Beach. We had a delicious seafood dinner at Dukes and walked on the beach to touch the Pacific Ocean. Even though the sun had set, surfers were sill in the water. 

Tomorrow we head to Lake Havasu, Arizona to have dinner with a friend we have not seen in a long time! We are looking forward to a fun reunion.