This was a long travel day. We used our hotel app to find a hotel in Blackfoot, Idaho last night. We have found that you can go long distances without discovering any place to stop and some exits are not marked well. Keep that in mind and start looking an hour before you want to stop. We took our own advice today and found a hotel before we were too exhausted.

We passed by Salt Lake City and saw a nice skyline. Then I looked and looked for Salt Lake and finally found it quite a distance from the city. 

The best part of today besides all of the beautiful scenery was driving by the salt flats after Salt Lake City. It looks like snow! It actually is miles upon miles of dried salt. We got out and walked on it. It was crunchy and I felt like it was ice & I was going to fall though it into water. No water at all just dry land under it. It looked whiter than the photo looks.

We passed by a Morton Salt factory. I probably should have known that’s where our table salt comes from. 

Joe’s favorite part of the day was when we stopped for gas and realized we were at the Bonneville Speedway of Salt Flats. There were races going on and some of the drivers/people involved were eating at the cafe. Very neat place with all kinds of memorabilia on the walls and delicious Mexican food.

Tomorrow we are going to check out Reno, Nevada before heading on to Yosemite.