We decided to spend a second day in Yellowstone. We still haven’t even scratched the surface of all there is to do and see. We entered through the Northeast Gate today. In order to get that far north we entered Montana for a short time but it was long enough to visit a local artisan’s shop and score a goat.

We traveled on Chief Joseph Scenic Highway in Nez Perz Territory. It was Open Range so we had cattle all over and needed to drive extra carefully. Again, the scenery was unbelievable. We climbed one mountain, descended and then climbed another. The switchbacks were plentiful. At one point we had a view of a picture perfect valley but nowhere to stop to take a photo.

We finally made it to Yellowstone and I drove us to Tower Falls. Along the way we passed through field after field of buffalo herds. We saw a group of deer and an antelope. The terrain was extremely different from yesterday’s visit. As we drove further south we were back in the mountains and visited beautiful Tower Falls which comes out of an opening on the side of the mountain.

After lunch we drove to Mammoth Hot Springs. There we saw what looks like terraces of white paint. It’s the result of minerals mixed with heat, water, and limestone in a network of fractures and fissures in the ground.

As we were exiting the park we stopped to see falls, hot springs, and an elk herd. We passed into Montana for a short time and then into Idaho. Idaho is farmland and cattle farms in this area. Quite a switch from the mountains. We are heading to Utah and will see the great Salt Lake.