We started out our day on a quest to see buffalo. We drove to Custer State Park SD to travel the Wildlife Loop.  We were told at the information center that buffalo had been sighted in several areas but they move wherever they want so no guarantees are given. Not far into our drive we came upon a herd crossing the road. We had a great view as they passed right in front of our car.  Well they actually stayed there until another car sped up to them blaring the horn and they scattered. We would have sat there all day not knowing about the horn treatment.So besides the buffalo we got to see burros, antelope,deer, prairie dogs, and horses. The scenery was beautiful and diverse. The roads winding and rolling made quite the exciting stomach in your throat kind of ride!

By the way, Google maps is our new best friend.  From Custer State Park we made our way to Crazy Horse Memorial SD.  The history behind this momentous monument was presented in a film and many displays in the visitors center. 

We have been so lucky to arrive at places in time to see special events like the lighting ceremony at Mt. Rushmore yesterday and today a presentation by a Lakota man who is a decedent of Crazy Horse.  His talk was about the history of his people and how they live today. It was an extremely moving account. He also explained the meaning of his clothing and the dances that he performed. We spoke with him before and after his presentation and he let us take a photo with him even though Crazy Horse would never let a photo be taken of him.  

Now we have made our way to Wyoming to see Devils Tower tomorrow and then on to Yellowstone Park.  The wide open lands in Wyoming are stunning. The colors of the soil, rocks, and vegetation are almost unreal. It’s something we have never experienced. Joe made the observation that we were so far off the grid at times that it was like when we were in India and could have disappeared without a trace driving from one city to the next. We are staying in The Hulett Motel in Hulett WY and it is a small, small world my friends! As Victoria was checking us in she commented on our accent & asked if we were from Minnisota. We said Michigan which led to her saying she had relatives in the UP. Long story made very short is that Victoria and I are distant relatives! How crazy is that!!!  Travel leads us in many interesting directions.