We decided to stay the night in Wall SD so we could visit the Badlands without any backtracking.  The town is famous for Wall Drug Store which has an interesting history.  We spent some time after dinner checking out the many rooms full of everything conceivable for sale. It was hard to pass up a Jackalope but….we did.Today we entered Badlands National Park expecting to spend an hour exploring by car.  Well, forget that idea. We were mesmerized for the next 5 hours! The place is spectacular. Look it up because I cannot begin to do it justice by saying it is massive rock formations caused by erosion which uncovered 30 millions of years of layer upon layer of rock with fossils that are still being discovered. Mind blowing and humbling all at once. We also searched for buffalo but only saw prairie dogs, goats, cattle, and a prong horn antelope.That should have been enough for one day but not for us.  Off we drove to Keystone SD to see Mt. Rushmore! We arrived about 4pm and repacked our vehicle. After a couple days on the road you figure out all the stuff you should have left home so you move it to the back of the trunk.  After checking into the hotel and settling in we headed over to spend the evening at Mt. Rushmore. What a great time to go. There is no entrance fee but you do pay $11 to park. I was surprised that we didn’t have to hike to get to it.  It’s right there past the entrance. Loved seeing it in the daylight and then seeing it lit up after dark. The park rangers put on a patriotic show with music & then a movie is played telling why the monument was created. Then it is lit for all to enjoy. Moving!Tomorrow we head over to see buffalo at Custer State Park and then on to Devils Tower Wyoming.